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BarTender– Professional label editing software.
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Easy to learn and easy to use. If you have already worked in Windows, you are able to design professional labels in BarTender. Using simple, intuitive computer mouse movements, you can format barcodes, text and graphics as desired.  The variety of available functions ensures the freedom of design necessary for the expert. You can print a ready label from this program on any printer running on Windows. This program works in Polish and other languages.

Precise, extremely accurate project preview and print preview enables fast designing, without wasting labels.

Exceptional font management. A wide selection of Windows fonts and printer fonts. Within a paragraph, you can combine different text styles and combine them with different fields in databases.

Label library and templates BarTender are the most versatile tool for creating labels according to standards.
Whether you use ready-made templates or design new labels, you have the capabilities and flexibility of using thousands of labeling standards.
Collections of industrial symbols
You can choose from hundreds of high-quality, scalable symbols from categories such as electrical, hazardous materials, packaging and more.

Forms for entering customer data. If you do not know a part of the label data until the last minute, the customizable dialog box makes it easy to enter them at the time of printing.

Password protection. Block BarTender in “print only” mode to prevent accidental or intentional change of label designs by unauthorized users.

Add your own functions using the Visual Basic Assistant scripts. The Visual Basic script allows even those who are not familiar with programming to adapt BarTender to advanced data processing and other tasks.

Quick and easy assigning data to objects. When connected to several databases or a single text file, BarTender displays the available data fields in a convenient, easy-to-read format. By dragging and dropping items, you can assign selected fields to bar codes and objects.

Integration with other software. Labeling is almost always part of a larger process. Therefore, the most advanced BarTender functions are used to work with other software.

Read from most databases and spreadsheets. BarTender facilitates access to several databases in the network. This includes support for the Microsoft ODBC standard for dozens of data formats for industrial and business standards – even for non-Windows platforms.

Service in the background via other software. All BarTender versions can be controlled via other software. Users do not even need to know that BarTender is printing labels. Any program that can enable the launcher, shell, or similar command line can select and run print jobs.

Registration of print jobs. The Enterprise edition can automatically create attractively formatted reports that contain detailed data for each print job and its results. These include used label templates, task start and end times, and even data of a specific label.