Rewinding / unwinding labels

Label rewinder ASD series


The “All-in-one” ASD label rewinder is used for rewinding labels originating from the label printer output. The maximum diameter of the labels, the roll can be up to 250 mm or 300 mm, and the maximum width of the label can be up to 220 mm, according to the selected label rewinder.
The All-in-one version. External automatic switching 100 / 240VAC – 2.5A with 24V power supply allows to ensure correct voltage, by tensioning arm, speed control and direction of rotation. A fuse 2A is used as protection.

Label rewinder ASD series

“All-in-one” has two types of speed regulation. The knob allows you to specify the maximum speed, while the tension arm adjusts the speed from zero to the selected maximum speed.

When the printer ejects the print material, the tension arm lowers and the all-in-one reel smoothly rewinds the label.

When the tension arm is in the middle position, the device remains idle.

When the printer pulls the carrier away, the tensor arm rises and the “All-in-one” winder rolls it up.
When the roll of labels runs out, the rewinder “All–in-one”  stops, making a sound signal.

Our ASD series of the “All-in-one” winder reel is available in different versions, and each model is marked with its own code.

We also offer label unwinders, label dispensers and equipment dedicated to various printer models, eg VipColor, Epson. Therefore we ask you to give us information about the manufacturer and printer model you have.

Please contact our company in order to choose the appropriate winder / unwinder / dispenser model for your printer.


  • smoothly adjustable thimble diameter from 40mm to 76mm
  • tension sensor for the rewound label tape
  • sound signalling the lack of paper
  • direction of rotation switch
  • precise winding / unwinding speed adjustment
  • low price


  • one housing color – black

Dane techniczne

Maximum width of the wound tape with labels120mm
The minimum diameter of the winding roller40mm
The maximum diameter of the winding roller76mm
Maximum outer diameter of the roll after winding170mm
Recommended internal diameter of the roller that can be usedany, adjustable from 40mm to 76mm
(typically 40mm, 76mm)
Rotation speed6-120 rpm
Own weight5kg
Powerexternal AC adapter included in price


We present the offer on label winder / unwinder with the printer engine VIPColor VP700 / VP750, which can handle labels up to 240 mm wide, and also roll up or unwind rollers with outside diameter up to 350 mm – approx. 500 running meters (on the availability of another outside diameter, please contact us).

Rolls are rewound / unrolled on a 3-core handle, the ability to adjust the direction of rotation, clockwise or counterclockwise, allows you to scroll / unwind labels both inward and outward. Thanks to the revolutionary design and durability our (RW) Rewinders and (RW) Unwinders (UW) are ideal for jobs requiring a lot of hard work.
The motor is inside the core holder and once the task is completed, users can easily remove the core holder. The device can be ordered as a rewinder (RW) or a unwinder (UW) – a different part number, so depending on the application, it can be placed on the front or at the back of the printer.

  • Core Drive Reel (RW)
  • P / N: VP-700-RW01A
  • P / N: VP-700-RW-SW (dual sensor switch)
  • Motorized core grip (UW)
  • P / N: VP-700-UW01A
  • * Includes adapter plate

Technical specifications:

Core:3 "(76 mm) fixed core holder
Diameter of the roll up to:10 "(250 mm)
Included:external drive
The width of the label up to:8,6 "(220 mm)
Speed:it is automatically adjusted by the tension arm to work smoothly with the VP700 / 750 at 6 or 12 cps.
Power requirements:100-240VAC / 2,5 A at 24V
Weight of the box:16,5 kg
Box size:52 x 45 x 42 cm
Agency certification:CE, FCC, c (Nemko) us, RoHS compliant

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